Evil Granny : 5 Nights At Haunted House

by phap

Freddy’s got stuck into the haunted place of evil granny by mistake, he has got five nights at the granny’s to escape for his life, the gran seems like a psychopath or is rather possessed. Experience Fazbear’s fright in a new way where you have to try and escape in freddy five nights given from this great hybrid of possession games and granny games. Scary games are so much fun to play, and grammy wants to play the game of night terrors with Freddy. Get onto this rollercoaster ride of emotions and terrors with one of the best horror games for kids and adults, evil granny games export you to the world of haunted place that you have seen in popular series, grammy has this hospital where freddy five nights got stuck due to an accident he met while travelling downtown. The horror games adventure has now started as gran is not letting the poor soul leave the place. She conducts some evil experiments on the people who enter the hospital of evil granny or maybe she hunts people down, no one really knows. The night terrors are horrifying, help him live a little and find clues in the night freddy’s going to spend trapped in the evil house of the mad grandma.

Evil Granny : 5 Nights At Haunted House Apk Download 2018

App name: Evil Granny : 5 Nights At Haunted House
Category: Adventure
Version: 1.0
Os: 4.1
File Size: 46M
Updated: 19-06-2018
Developer: Tickle Studio

They say she hears everything and is quick despite her age, try this marathon of best horror games for kids and see if granny is playing possession games on people or is really on a killer mission. You must have heard about fazbear’s fright in the pizzeria, well best of scary games will let you experience something even more. The evil granny games get you all engaged and hooked up. If you like playing popular free games, you must enjoy the night freddy’s spending trapped in the haunted hospital.

The granny is an out cast and she is dangerous, don’t let the grandma get to the little boy’s life. Download to get him out before the 5 nights are over.


• Real Physics Controls

• 5 Nights In A Horror Haunted Hospital

• Find Clues And Hints In Different Rooms

• 3D Graphics

• Engaging Scary Sounds

• Realistic Environment